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"Cash Flow For Life has changed my life in ways I would have not have imagined..."
"Overall it's really a blueprint, tells you exactly what to do..."
"It's a manual on how to run your business...I recommend the book"
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Inside This FREE Book, You Will Get The Exact 7-Figure Blueprint For Launching Your Online Store.
  • Looking to launch your online business alone? DON'T! Read this book first and you'll discover how to run a profitable Ecommerce store in no time...
  • The NUMBER ONE thing you will have to find out about yourself is if you have "Entrepreneur DNA"... PLUS: map out your success path (HINT: it's a lot less complicated than you think...)
  • How one simple product on my online store generated HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars... in just 3 months...
  • The 3 phases of an online store that are directly responsible for MILLIONS of dollars in products through tiny budget ads… (This step-by-step blueprint not only works online BUT it's exactly what I use in my business DAILY!)
  • The 'Foundation Plan' that you must have BEFORE you even launch your online store! PLUS: Who you need to have on your DREAM team...
  • My personal performance approach to keep my energy high... while working smarter... (HINT: It has to do with energy drinks...)
  • My 'secret' REVERSE ENGINEERING strategy that I use to find highly profitable products in no time... (SIDENOTE: I can find 20-30 new products in 30 min or less using this technique! You get it instantly when you pick up this low cost book.)
  • How to LAUNCH your online store the right way to maximize conversions and sales... if you are tired of not being about to find a theme that converts then you are going to LOVE this one trick to double your sales!
  • Want to see exactly what apps I'm using on my store to automate a lot of the hard work and get tons of extra revenue in the door? What about my mobile optimized checkout trick? PLUS: I'll show you real life examples of everything... (Trust me... you can do this stuff too once you figure out how easy it is to get started...)
  • Increase your "Average Order Value" using unique promotions to get your customers spending more on your store... and use these strategies to give you a head start when you first launch...
  • Why Facebook Ads™ is the number one place to generate unlimited amounts of highly targeted traffic to your store... PLUS: I'll share with you the most powerful 'secret' behind all of my best selling ads!
  • The surprising truth behind the 'Conversion Rate' vs. 'Average Order Value' connection...
  • If you think you know what an effective campaign looks like... think again! I'll show you how I use advanced sales techniques to literally 'squeeze' every drop of revenue from every click to my store... if you've never run online campaigns before you are in for a treat...
  • How I'm able to spend much MORE than my competitors... so I can take over niche markets with ease... while maintaining my ROI (return on investment)
  • How to run your store like a fine-tuned MAGNET... (IN OTHER WORDS: I'll show you how to target the most passionate people in your niche who are ready to buy your products today...)
  • Exactly how I set up and create profitable campaigns in minutes using a key bidding method to get clicks for pennies on the dollar...
  • Why I LOVE 'FLEX Targeting'... and how to 'swipe' this effective technique to ensure you are getting buyer traffic to your store...
  • The shocking difference between an: 'Engagement' campaign and a 'Conversion' campaign... (It matters. Big time.)
  • How to 'Bullet Proof' your KPIs (key performance indicators) no matter what niche you are in... learn this simple reporting trick and you'll never have to worry about looking at the wrong data again!
  • My top 5 favorite ways to scale your business... PLUS: Learn how I'm able to triple my revenue in a matter of days... AND: I'll show you what to do to make sure that you NEVER waste money on traffic (HINT: Don't spend money unless you are 100% sure you are going to be profitable)
  • How to turn visitors into buyers using this special 'Retargeting' strategy without having to do any extra work on your store... (DO THIS and get the highest rate of return on your ad spend...usually 4-5 times)
  • Why the 'Reengaging' is the missing piece to your ability to add an extra 15-30% more revenue to your store... for free!
  • How to ensure your customers are happy so they come back for more... (HINT: It has nothing to do with emailing them and everything to do with the most important aspect of your business - fulfillment.)
  • How to communicate with your customers so that you are 'likeable' and more 'authentic'... PLUS: I'll show one little trick for getting people to absolutely fall in love with your store...
  • PLUS: Get my secret outsourcing strategy on how to find talented workers to literally run your Ecommerce store for you on autopilot...
  • Why I focus on 'Lifetime Customer Value'.... to get super high returns all year round (not matter what time of the year it is...)
  • The reasons why it's so important to BRAND your business ... (HINT: If you want to beat your competition to the punch, don't miss this...)
  • Ready to finally sell your store and exit for 7 Figures? Check out my strategy for preparing your store for sale... (And getting maximum valuation...)
  • BONUS: 20 Greatest Entrepreneur Secrets... rules to lives by!
  • BONUS: 10 Business Must Do-'s... and why not understanding these principles could kill your online business before it even starts...
  • BONUS: 25 Hot Niche Products.... I literally give you highly profitable products on a silver platter for you to run on your Ecommerce store...
  • BONUS: 15 Store Optimization Tips... implement these and you will be laughing all the way to the bank!
  • BONUS: 15 Ways To Optimize Your Ads... watch your profits grow and get the highest return possible on your ad spend...
  • BONUS: Fantastic Ad Example... I show you a massive ad campaign that brought in 7 Figures within months... the image, ad copy and even the product itself!
  • BONUS: 7 Steps To Leaving Your Job... ready to go full-time as an entrepreneur... let me show you how...
  • SOFTWARE: World Exclusive! Learn about this new revolutionary Ecommerce platform that will change the way you run an online store forever!
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"Precise store set up and making sales very quickly"
"It helped me understand forming a business like this in a successful way"
"It gives you confidence you can do it!"
"It's a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into
"Cash Flow For Life has changed my life in ways I would have not have imagined..."
"Overall it's really a blueprint, tells you exactly what to do..."
"It's a manual on how to run your business...I recommend the book"
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Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. It's my way of giving back to you and "sending the elevator back down"

2. Because (unlike other "gurus") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real online Ecommerce stores, selling physical products in 30+ niches)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

3. I get to show you exactly how to change your life like I did, and get you excited to join our mastermind group... The Millionaire Challenge, as soon as you put the book down!

4. I'm sick of people not getting results with online marketing training. I think 99% of what the "gurus" teach is complete garbage... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show exactly what's working right now in the marketplace and show you how to do it without pulling your hair out :)
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