Hi, I'm Jon Mac.

Let's see... What can I tell you about myself?  Why do I think what I have to say is worth your time?

As an author, speaker, coach and mentor, I spend a lot of time teaching about how to build businesses, but not necessarily talking about myself or my journey or my reasons for choosing this path in life.  I'm not very good at the hype or "fluff" as my students call it.  If you're looking for hype, there are plenty of coaches for that!

I'm about  actionable plans and getting results.  My passion and drive comes from actually changing my students’ lives.  There is nothing more satisfying to me, than meeting someone who had the potential for entrepreneurship, but couldn't get there, and helping them overcome obstacles, guiding them through their business and watching them grow.   This is what I'm good at.

Talking about my personal life has never come naturally to me.  But here goes!

Here's some personal tidbits on who I am:

I'm in my thirties, engaged, and have a small dog called Mushroom (don't ask).

I recently moved to Kelowna, BC, Canada.  This was a very personal choice.  I came at a crossroads. I could have stayed in the big city and lived a more “fun” life, but I chose to completely change my lifestyle to suit my business and personal needs by living in a smaller, but stress free city.  I finally have the focus and physical health to fulfill my potential.  There will be times in your life, where you have to sacrifice one thing for another.  Just make sure you think about the results of each choice and that you are happy with it.

Enough about me!  Let's talk about products, students and my NEW book!

Everyone is at a different stage.  What I noticed is that it is very hard to get REAL content at every level.  There are a lot of cheap products out there.  There's a reason why they're cheap.  And in the end you might end up spending more and getting no results.

The problem here was getting CORRECT information to students, no matter the stage, no matter their financial ability.  This is why I’ve created QUALITY products at a variety of different price points, so people can get started on their entrepreneurial journey. People ask me all the time, “If you had to start all over again with no money and no assets, what would you do?” I tell them to follow what I'm teaching right now because this is the exact blueprint of what I do every day in my own business.  

Which is why I'm so excited to introduce you to my NEW book, FREEDOM FORMULA! The information in this book has the power to change your life.  I've spared no detail.  Hopefully from the first chapter, you will see the difference in quality I am prepared to give to you.  I've taken my knowledge and the questions my students wanted answered, and included it all!  It also has actionable checklists and formulas to get your business off the ground and headed in the right direction.

I feel like it’s not hype to say that the content within this book is life changing, because it’s changed mine. And it’s currently changing my students’ lives.

Sometimes I can’t believe it. In just 1-2 months, students tell me they’ve been able to quit their job, move to a better location, or get that dream home they always wanted. Some have even deferred their university education, preferring to take my courses!

Working with my students has truly been an honor. I know it takes a lot to trust a coach or mentor to get you to where you need to be. But I truly believe that you can have anything you want in this life; you just need to want it badly enough. You need to obsess over this business and make it your life. You should dream about Facebook Ads and products and niches.

I’m serious, because if you aren’t 110% committed to making it work and breaking through your obstacles, you are less likely to succeed. What I find that stops people from succeeding (aside from not having the knowledge) is the belief that they can’t do it and this life change is impossible. People have been so burnt from other coaches or other experiences, that they are unwilling to trust or try again. The key is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! My students will you tell you that the key to their success is to never give up

This way of life is not for everyone. It can be lonely and you have to wear all the hats. You have to be your own boss, your own employee, your own CFO and your own cheerleader. You have to decide if it is worth it.

Entrepreneurship is a rocky road and it won’t always be rainbows and lollipops, but the FREEDOM it gives you is unparalleled.

E-commerce is just beginning. I honestly feel that you will never have an opportunity like this in your life again. Right now, this is still a relatively new industry. There is less competition and the big box stores don’t have a monopoly like they do with brick and mortar. So jump in with both feet and get going! Now is the time to make a massive change in your life for yourself and your family.

“If you want what others have, you must do what others have done, and you will get what others have gotten!” Reverse engineering other people’s success is the fastest way to your own. I had many mentors and coaches who trained me up! I know I didn’t find success by myself. I’m sending the elevator back down. 

I hope you enjoy the information I am sharing and that it too can change your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 21 or 60, this business is simple enough for anyone to manage and the technology is getting easier every day. And remember, it’s never too early or too late. Now is as good a time as any.  

Hope to see you on the inside.

– Jon Mac


I’m only 21! Is it too early to start? 

Some of my best students are in their early 20s. These kids are rocket ships! The advantage of being younger is that you’re often braver and a fast learner. I have my own personal views on things like university. The financial burden one has to undertake to take these courses is very controversial. In my opinion, there’s no guarantee that at the end of hundreds of thousands of dollars, that you will get a job, let alone a job that can pay off that student debt. 

I’m not discounting getting a degree. I think many occupations do require it. But what about investing in a course that actually teaches you how to make money by professionals who are actually doing it? Education is an investment, but you have to think of your ROI (return on investment).

I’m 60. Am I too old to start?

No! The concepts and ideas are the same as a brick and mortar store. It might be the technology that’s scaring you. But the blueprint that I’ve mapped out prioritizes ease of use. I’m lazy and I want the most out of my time spent on my store. Of all the useful shortcuts there are, trust me, I’ve tried and tested them all and I’ve laid out the best ones. On my phone calls, I literally tell you where to click and what the new terminology means. In fact, my book has a glossary of new terms for you to reference. Don’t worry! I’m patient. Once you get the hang of the routine, you will see your profits grow! 

I’ve been burned before! Other coaches didn’t deliver and I’m scared to reinvest.

When I hear someone tell me this, my mind thinks of two things. 

  1) I don’t want to judge too much about other methods that are being taught. I only get upset when it’s wrong. There are many paths to success. I only teach the path that I’ve been through. There are obviously no guarantees in life, after all I cannot force you to do your ROI sheet, or launch ads. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, what do you think of my students’ results? The testimonials. Do you think you could do it too? Are you honestly an entrepreneur, or are you searching for a free ride? It’s a lie when someone tells you there’s a work free solution to your money troubles. I work very hard. My students work very hard. Yes, there can be an easy formula to success, but you have to follow it. The people I find who struggle are the ones who mistrust and go off and do things that aren’t part of my blueprint.  

2) Yes there are scammers out there. There is wrong information out there. There’s nothing I can do about that, but try to fill the E-commerce space with higher quality and hope that other coaches/gurus/mentors raise the bar too. I have products at every price. Get to know me! You can invest any amount you are comfortable with and take some action! I’m not for everyone, but I do know I provide quality. So please, if you do decide that I am the right coach for you, leave the baggage of your previous bad experiences at the door and know that you are in good hands now! 

Ultimately, it’s about trust. I’ve made products for all entry levels. I’ve gotten many testimonials and held live events. Screenshots of results are constantly posted. Not just my results, my students’ results. I feel like there’s nothing more I can do to prove that I provide quality. The next step is up to you.

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